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Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer free trials?
Yes we do offer free trials, typically of 2 to 3 weeks on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the organization.
Does Echoes require access to the codebase?
Short answer: no, Echoes does not need access to the codebase! The long answer depends on your source control manager.

With GitHub we explicitly do not request for repository access and are therefore prevented from accessing the content of your files by GitHub itself.

GitLab doesn't offer the same level of fine-grained permissions, which means that even although Echoes won't access the content of your git repositories, it is however in possession of a token that would allow it to do so.
It's an interesting approach, but how do you know it works?
Arnaud Porterie, the founder of Echoes HQ, has extensive experience in engineering management and has successfully deployed many of the ideas built in Echoes. More specifically:
  • At Docker, Arnaud has managed one of the most active open source communities with over a 400 weekly contributors. Running a project at this scale has taught him both the importance of data for decision making and the importance of developer experience.
  • At Veepee, Arnaud has scaled a team of 350 to a European-wide organization of 900. He realized there how unequipped were engineering leaders to make data informed decisions and effectively communicate on their teams' activity in a way that their business partners and bosses could understand.
Our founding team is composed of highly senior engineers, including former FAANG.