They trust us!

Bring clarity & alignment

Connect day-to-day engineering work to purpose
Visualize efforts allocation against company goals.

Manage the balance of features and technical roadmaps. Follow progress on key initiatives.

Get confidence that progress is being made in the right direction and that engineering efforts align to company priorities at all times.
Communicate across functions
Be your team's best advocate by communicating activity in a way all your partners can understand.

Inform decisions on allocation of efforts, hiring, and priorities with data.

Encourage an outcomes-focused communication highlighting how engineering efforts contribute to business goals, over productivity metrics and velocity alone.

Foster an engineer-friendly culture

Don't compromise on developer experience
Get the visibility you need without enforcing heavyweight processes, mandatory tickets, or timesheets.

Let the builders pick the tools and workflows which make them most productive, and leave it to Echoes to make sense of it all.
Evaluate the system, not the people
Shifts focus away from individuals and engineering efficiency for the bigger goal: the organization's collective ability to create value.

Deliver sustainable impact at scale

Create the context for durable success
Improve focus, prevent burnout by detecting when teams are pursuing too many goals at once.

Build engagement through purpose by putting your team's work into context.

Connect strategy and technology, and create the shared context necessary to maximize your organizations' impact.
Scale your team with confidence
Embrace the variety of tools and processes inevitable as an organization grows.

Overcome operational differences across teams and maintain a consolidated view of the activity.

Keep technical quality under control with DORA metrics, the industry standard for measuring software delivery performance.
Echoes integrates seamlessly with major product development platforms: GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Linear, Shortcut, PagerDuty, and Slack.

What makes Echoes unique

Your context, your goals

Echoes does not assume what is important for your particular organization. Echoes lets you define the outcomes and initiatives you are pursuing and exposes these definitions across your product development toolchain.

You may want to use Echoes to map engineering efforts to your company OKR or your North Star. You may want to understand the share of engineering work bypassing your traditional panning process, or the share of feature work versus bug fixing activities.

Echoes helps you follow any dimension of your software development activities.

Measure the reality of work

Many solutions capture work where it's described, for example in a ticketing system, rather than where it happens. The result is both partial (not all work is tracked in these systems) and biased (tickets tend to capture the plan rather than the work actually being done).

By measuring work where it happens, Echoes provides feedback from the field and allows you to compare plans to reality. Getting a realtime view of your team's current direction is crucial to make decisions and to communicate effectively.

Our mission is developer empowerment

We started Echoes with a mission of empowering developers everywhere. This mission is what drives our passion for organizations and leadership, and what got us to work in the past on products developers love such as Docker.

Echoes shines a light on the engineers work, surfaces the reality of their day-to-day, and helps management create a context where they can deliver their best work. The reports are centered on teams rather than individuals, and on outcomes over outputs. It shifts focus away from local efficiency (individual developer productivity) to the bigger goal: the organization's collective ability to succeed.

Share what's necessary, no more, no less

We take security at heart and strive to collect no more data than strictly needed. In particular, Echoes does not require access to your codebase.

When used with GitHub, Echoes is restricted to metadata (e.g., title and bodies of pull requests, labels, commit messages). It cannot clone repositories, examine filenames, nor look at the changes within a particular commit.

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