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Steer execution

Learn how Echoes unique way of collecting and presenting the activity of your engineering teams allows for better execution.

Confront plans to reality

Good planning requires good understanding of the reality of your teams. Confronted with this problem, companies either ask engineers to track every task they do (which they notoriously hate, and is difficult to enforce at scale), or resort to cumbersome time-sheeting (which engineers also hate!).

Echoes surfaces the reality of the allocation of efforts of your team without the declarative overhead of tickets or timesheets. We integrate directly with GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Linear, and Shortcut and provide a seamless way to express the intent motivating each contribution.

Echoes is not only more respectful of engineers' time, it paints a more accurate picture of work that doesn't depend on manual reporting.

Adjust continuously

Most companies operate in planning cycles, either by applying well-known methodologies (e.g., quarterly OKR, or Shape Up cycles), or through custom ceremonies.

By continuously measuring how teams are allocating their efforts, Echoes helps you follow-through during the cycle to assess whether the plan connects with the execution.

Don't wait for the end of a cycle to realize that you have been executing on the wrong thing along, or that you had
simply plan too much for the team to handle.

See your teams as one

Product teams rightfully demand autonomy in the way they operate, which leads to different teams adopting different processes and tools to manage their day-to-day. This poses a challenge to management, who often resorts to duct-taping reports into spreadsheets.

Echoes provides a central definition for outcomes and initiatives to which efforts can be associated, regardless of the team, the processes, and the tools.

Each team can use its tool of choice for task management, while managers get the peace of mind that activity reports will just work regardless.

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