Use case

Communicate activity

Learn how Echoes unique way of presenting the activity of your engineering teams allows for better communication.

Focus on outcomes over outputs

Communicating on engineering activity is hard, especially with a non-technical audience. It is tempting, for a lack of better option, to fall into the trap of sharing output metrics which say little about success (e.g., number of changes, time to review).

Echoes reports are devoid of engineering jargon and focus on the "why" over the "how". This makes them appropriate to use with your boss, as well as your CEO, CFO, or partners in other functions.

Be your team's best advocate

What is everyone working on? Are we giving enough attention to our top priority items? When car we start this new initiative? Why do we need to hire more? Every engineering manager has been on the receiving end of these questions, and even more so in our now remote-first world.

Echoes helps you be the best advocate for your team by giving you the data to communicate easily on its activity and direction.

And it's not solely for reporting up! Teams use Echoes to take a step back and examine how they spend their efforts, as well as providing transparency to other teams around them.

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