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Build engagement

Learn how Echoes can help you build engagement by putting engineers work into context and shining a light on their impact.

Create a favorable context

Every engineer wants to deliver their best work and have an impact, but the organizational context all too often gets in the way. Clarity of goals, alignment behind these goals, and focus of the teams are far more crucial to achieving good results than engineering productivity can ever be.

Echoes makes the intent behind work be explicit rather than implicit, and puts engineers' work into context. Furthermore, by surfacing the reality of their day-to-day work, Echoes helps managers make better decisions on priorities.

Empowering developers in a favorable context is the most virtuous driver to talent retention!

Shine a light on teams' impact

Echoes reveals how teams are contributing to the outcomes that matter to the company. Beyond productivity, Echoes aims to highlight value creation.

Echoes additionally gives engineers a view of their individual contributions, accessible only to them, which they can use to highlight their work during 1:1 or performance review.

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