How it works

Example: measuring efforts aimed at creating customer value, throughput, and risks mitigation

Example: aligning efforts to company OKRs

Example: measuring the share of unplanned work and maximizing focus on the roadmap

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Define what matters
Define the outcomes and initiatives that matter to your organization.

Connect GitHub pull requests to intent using automatically created repository labels

Connect JIRA tickets to intent using an automatically populated custom field

Rely on Echoes to automatically infer intent from context across integrations

Connect efforts to purpose

Echoes configuration is published across your development tools.

Seamlessly connect work to purpose within your traditional flow.

Visualize activity as a consolidated heat map focusing on desired outcomes, at scale

Examine the evolution of your team's focus and compare expectations to reality

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Get actionable insights
Echoes automatically tracks activity and generates live reports.

Make informed decisions on priorities and staffing, communicate effectively.

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