For CTO, CPO, and product-engineering decision-makers

Inform strategic decisions with reliable field-level data

Map software development activities to your business context.
Communicate, plan, and prioritize with data.

Align engineering efforts with business strategy

Echoes reports how engineering efforts contribute to your company projects and goals.

By replacing manual reports assembled from discussions and gut-feelings, Echoes lets you build confidence that the organization is focused on the right business priorities.

Echoes works outside of any particular goal-setting methodology, and is also compatible with OKRs and the North Star Framework.

Measure and communicate activity in business terms

What is everyone working on? Are we giving enough attention to our top priority items? When can we start this new initiative? Why do we need to hire more? Every product-engineering leader has been on the receiving end of these questions.

Echoes presents engineering activity in business terms, without technical jargon. Communicate effectively to your non-technical partners (e.g., CEO, CFO, HR) with the data to support meaningful conversations on budgets, planning, and priorities.

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