For engineering managers, program managers, and technical leads

Create the best conditions for your team's success

Surface the day-to-day challenges of your team.
Manage the topics competing for engineering capacity.
Overcome operational differences across teams.

Create a favorable context

Every engineer wants to deliver their best work and have an impact, but the organizational context all too often gets in the way. Clarity of goals, alignment behind these goals, and focus of the teams are far more crucial to achieving good results than engineering productivity can ever be.

Echoes makes the intent behind engineering efforts explicit, and puts engineers' work into context. By surfacing the reality and challenges of their day-to-day work, Echoes helps managers make better decisions on priorities.

Measure focus continuously

By providing a continuous view of your team's focus, Echoes lets you detect deviations from the plans early, and manage the balance between technical and product roadmaps.

By preserving history, Echoes lets you review and reflect on the past weeks, months, and quarters of efforts.

No process enforcement

Echoes integrates with your product-development tools and consolidates activity across teams, regardless of how they have chosen to operate.

No need to enforce a single development workflow or to mandate tickets for every task: get an exhaustive picture even when teams differ in their choice or usage of tools.

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